Monday, February 26, 2007

The Party Is Over....

When Read Yellow started six years ago in a basement dorm at Umass Amherst, the four of us had no idea where our music would take us. We played music with hopes to make our friends want to have a good time and forget the daily stresses of modern life. We wanted to create music that spoke to and for the underdog, and made him or her want to come out to our shows and dance and be free with total strangers…without reservation. Our music took us out of the basements of Umass and sent us across the globe, allowed us the chance to perform with our musical heroes, and most importantly, gave four best friends the best six years of their lives.

We have done more than we had ever expected to do in a band, now it is time to leave the party. We have played shows for 2 kids and shows for 10,000 kids…and each show was special. We have made the greatest friends through this band and for the first time in my life, I really felt part of something big. I want to thank all of our friends who have supported us, taken us on tour, slept in our van, fixed our van, put up posters and flyers for us, put us on shows, gave us a place to stay, listened to our records, and came out and partied with us…Read Yellow could have never existed without you. Thank you for believing in us.

Read Yellow will always be your band.

We Love You All So Much!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


How do we know the difference between what is real and what is not real? if we have been lied to long enough, would we not believe what is actually not true to be as such? doesn't the body and mind know? some believe that it is the soul that always knows when we are being lied to. But until the conscious mind finds out, only then is it a lie. But does that mean that beforehand it wasn't? How about if other people know. But that is their perspective, how do they know that they are right? Or perhaps on a long enough time line the self-fulfilling prophecy would effect what it is we are pondering.. and then reality becomes a point in time. but does that mean that what was before and perhaps after that point was and will not be real? Or if one truly believes in something, isn't it real to them? How do you decide whose perspective is more real than another person's? Reality is just perspective, isn't it? Maybe "reality" is generally accepted as the popular idea of this. But what if the majority is wrong. Or maybe they just don't see the whole picture.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Godfather of Soul

James Brown, rest in peace.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fly Into The Mystery

We have had played amazing shows in the 5+ years that we have been in this band. Here are some flyers from just some of those shows. We'd like to thank all of the talented artists who have done flyers for us over the years, we love you.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Chelsea Hotel

Nothing is better than playing a show in front of all of your friends.
Nothing is better than getting a bunch of great looking people to dance and party on a Wednesday night.
Nothing is better than getting bodyslammed off of a stage by your best friends when you are trying to remember the words to your song.
Read Yellow is a party band. I want to make if YOUR party band.

we love all of you.

evan of ry

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Draw Your Brakes

Forward Russia is one of my new favorite bands. We had a the wonderful oppurtunity of playing with them a few nights ago at the 30th Fenway Recordings Session. They are such beautiful people who create outstanding music. They give me so much hope for the future of music.

As I write this, I am battling flu-like symptoms and 102 temp. Perhaps I have the vapors. I would like to die from a disease that was only existent during the middle ages. I think that would be a comical way to go.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

"Kids, listen."

I just wanted to mention that last night at the show, while Mark was speaking, people were literally crowd-surfing in the front rows. And there was no music playing in the background... just to paint a more elaborate picture of what the crowd was like. I don't normally do this, but it made me point and laugh :)

"I was saying Boo-urns!"

Last night we had a show at Lupo's in Providence, RI. We were to be the second of three bands, the other two bands being "reggae-influenced" rock. I grew up on and have listened to roots reggae all of my life, so I was looking forward to playing on the bill. I was especially excited to be part of the show because it was a peace rally against the war in Iraq, obviously a cause very close to our hearts. The first band had ended and it was now time for us to go on.

After about three songs, I noticed that the place was completely packed to the brim with 800+ people, and most of the people were booing us. The taunting grew so loud that we could no longer hear ourselves play and we decided that this was a waste of everybody's time, so we left the stage. I made a comment that it is a lot easier to hide in a crowd and criticize a band, than it is to be band onstage playing to people who want nothing to do with your music. It was then that I realized who I was dealing with. The crowd was made up mostly of rich, white, college frat boys who would not know REAL reggae if it kicked down the door of their frat house and slept with their slutty girlfriends. The true rasta has an open mind and an open heart, the kids who were taunting us were a joke.

The most puzzling part of the night was that for a peace rally, we were dealing with the most obnoxious Neanderthals that were ever bred. Even more disrespectful than their taunting of the read yellow set, was their complete lack of attention to Mark Kate's speech about the war, a war that is killing thousands of innocent people while these kids spend their daddy's college fund money on weed and booze while all the poor kids get shot at to protect their "freedom". I was ashamed that these people are the future of America.

I want to thank the dozen or so kids that came up to us and apologized, we love you and we thank you. It is good to know that their are still decent people in this world. I also would like to point out that out of all the kids that were so tough in the crowd...taunting us...NO ONE had the fucking balls to come up to any of us and say it to our faces. However, some cowards did send us some scathing myspace messages today. You guys are so macho.

If you are going to come to a show, be a human being. Even if you hate a band's guts, they are still up there, busting their asses to display their love for music. Get in a van, tour for about five years straight, sleep on floors and make no money, lose relationships and suffer heartache for being away from home too long, have a gun pulled on you at a show for playing too loud, get pneumonia for sleeping an hour a night for months at time, and of course, get booed by a packed club. Do all of this, and THEN you can come and criticize my band. Until then, shut the fuck up.

to everybody who supports what we do, we love you more than anything.

evan of read yellow